Sunday, January 22, 2006

And the Winner is.....

Okay, so I've extended the deadline till Sunday according to requests. Now, the voting is officially closed. Bet y'all are EXCITED to noe who the winner is, no? Alright, I shall not dilly dally. So, the winner is

......drldlrdlrldrldrldrldlr**drum rolls**drdldrldlrdlrldrldrl.......

Yep. You've guessed it! It's our Mr Murderer himself, Daniel!!

Now, why do I have this feeling that he might have threatened enticed his voters... But, maybe not.

Anyways, thanks for voting people. For those who haven't got the chance to get nominated, my advise is "Start acting cute". You might just get noticed. While those who didn't win, my advice is "Try harder!" Hehe... Have a great weekday peeps! Love y'all!

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