Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Meow... In CAT class now. But no darlings, it's not a class where we get to play with our furry friends. I wish it is tho. Instead, we learn Excel in depth. Urgh... can get really boring.

Last week of school before exams start. And my performance has been far from satisfactory. I hafn been consistent either. Hmm so what am i doing blogging now? Haha... ok whateva. I got too many things to do in so little time that I dunno what to do now (^^")

So I guess I'll share this hillarious video (also for myself to de-stress). Hee...

Btw, there are four parts to this series. Go to youtube to see the rest (search: Smooth-e babyface thai). I must say, the Thais are very creative in their advertisments. Tee hee.... I like when the lady say, with Thai accent, "Smoode-ee baby fae foam..." Lolx.... No offence to my Thai friends ;)

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