Monday, July 30, 2007

My Dream Kitchen

I want them all!!

Ooooooh! Look how gorgeous all those gadgets look!! KitchenAid do have the most brilliant stuff, don't u think? I wish I have lots of dosh to spare to buy those lovely but why-oh-why-so-expensive beauties. I can just imagine how cool my kitchen will look with them adorning it. Then everyone will call me the It Girl with Cool (with capital C) Kitchen. Haha...

The Red Beauty

I always dream of having the kitchen like Jamie's or Nigella's. I want like the one shown on Just Jamie (i think. Can't remember as he's got many shows). Anyways, it's one with stainless steel (or is it aluminium? I still can't really tell the diff between these 2 metals) counters, not the wooden one. Although wooden is supposedly better, but cleaning up and maintaining it would be a hassle, I suppose. Then I want it to be in white or off-white tone, REALLY spacious and has HUGE windows that allow lots of sunlight to come in, with lots of potted herb plants by the windows. And of course, complete with either KitchenAid and/or Cuisinart appliances and other cool kitchen accessories - WMF pots n pans, Le Creuset french oven.... u get the drift. You see, since my kitchen is white/off-white, the stuff in it must be colourful to make it look cheery =D

Oh, altho I dun really care about my pots and pans, I am quite particular about knives. Blunt knives really get on my nerves. So it'll be superb if I have a set of those Henckels (or any other good quality) knives. I would also love to equip it with a mean-looking high-quality stainless steel oven. Aah! I think if my dream comes true, I wouldn't mind sleeping in the kitchen. Tee hee....

Another room in the house that I'm quite particular about is the bathroom. I'm very very particular about it. Whenever I check in to a hotel (or any place), the bathroom will be the first one that I check out. You know, when you're doing your, you'd want it to be done in a place right, cuz the transaction isn't always smooth-sailing.

I love watching MTV cribs and checking out those stars' bathrooms. Man, some of them even have like a plasma TV, no actually there were 2, one in front of the toilet and another beside the bathtub, a fireplace, a huge bathtub, a shower place that has water spray embedded all over the wall and many other stuff. The full-marbled bathroom was like 2 to 3 times the size of my bedroom. Hmm I wouldn't mind sleeping in there either :P

Hee... ok this post is soo random, but I do really really want those fab KitchenAid (or Cuisinart) gadgets. You know, my b'day is in 4 and a half months. So ....*coughhintcough*.... you know what to do ;);)

Btw, ONE MORE DAY TO END OF INTERNSHIP!!!! hurryhurryhurryhurry!!!

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