Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Hurrah For The New National Library!!

I know I'm always a bit outdated, but yea, I just saw the A-Z guide to the new National Library and boy oh boy, am I excited! The new NL is just so fantastic, with all those high-tech features, lush green gardens, amazing collection of books, which includes those really rare ones, and The Pod (too bad entry's only by invitation) and The Plaza which is cool enough even for jaded teens to hang out at. And the more wonderful thing is, the new NL will be within walking distance from my new campus (I think..), so I can hang out there while doing some research for projects. How cool is that?!

I know I don't really need all this added features to attract me to the library cuz anyway, I'm quite a bookworm, tho' I don't wear big, thick glasses and spend hours and hours in the library.

I love reading (tho I read mostly fiction books and preferably easy-reading). And coming from Indonesia where a public library with a good collection of books is as rare as a treat from the EvilMan, I treasure the opportunity to read as many books as I like for a minimal fee. In fact, I know of only one public library in Jakarta, but I've never been there as it looks uninviting, and entry is age-limited, if I'm not mistaken.

It is my hope and dream to built numerous libraries in Indo, which would be accessible to people from all walks of life so that even the poor can be learned too. Honest...

So yeah, tho' the Gahmen can be a pain in the arse with their law, I applaud them for their effort to make sure their people is well-read and even make their libraries happening. Can't wait for the new NL to open on July 22!

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