Friday, January 13, 2006


School's been going on for 2 wks now. Back to my busy days again. Project meetings (LTB's mad), assignments, deadlines, socialising (hardly haf time for it 'tho) and other stuff. It's more hectic than last term as I got 5 modules now. Dang, now I can't bid for my 2nd language mod. And all the mods that have exams are all maths-concentrated. Stats, econs and FA. Numbers, numbers....Schucks, shud've expected it since I'm like an accountant in-the-making. Gosh, dunno wat I'm getting myself into.

Classes are super boring. So hard to concentrate. In fact, I'm writing this in my FA class...LOLx... Guess I can't keep my new year resolution of being a hardworking student. It's juz so hard, y'know. And I'm still as slack as ever and a true-blue procrastinator. Like, didn't even noe I had an assignment yesterday. So I ended up doing it in under 3 mins. Record-breaking.... Luckily, it wasn't that toug. Haha...

Pathetic. Is not even halfway through January and I've already screwed basically all my new year resolution. Oh well, no harm trying. But seriously, I guess I really should start working really hard if I want to get into the exchange programme and make myself "visible". Competitive environment, man. Gotta move my butt and start working hard.

Sigh... wish I were still in Entayan, enjoying the carefree life there. No worries and no stress. But too bad, I'm back to reality.

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