Monday, January 02, 2006

iT's beEn SoMEtimE

Wow, it been a some time since my last post, almost half a yr. Too lazy to write i guess. Been wanting to write; i've even got all d stuff in my head, but guess i juz never got around writing it. Too lazy, too busy, no time, later... the procrastinator me... I even forgot my password. And I have like 3 blogs (2 of which are not in use), i cudn't remember which username, password n even email tt i used. SO, the password tt i got fr d system were for d old ones. And after long time trying i finally got into the correct one. Man, it's really been a long itme.

It's 2006 already. Time flies, or rather, travels at the speed of light, as always. But during my hols, time didn't fly as fast as usual amazingly. In some instances, it crawled even. Many things have happened in 2005. Some are bad, some are good. Some are terribly horrible, some are fantabulous - embarking on my college life, getting caught up with school work once more, stayin up late for seemingly endless deadlines, getting even bigger eyebags, going for missionary trip, building a church, making tonnes of new friends, going back and coming back. It will take me a year perhaps to recount all those experience. But I'll just briefly tell my stories. Later...

As for now, I'm gonna make my new yr resolution. I know I've never kept them. But I've got nothing to lose anyways. Not like I'll feel bad :p Yeah, I'll just think of some n then write them down. Later... Oops, I guess I should stop being a procrastinator (NY resolution No.1)

Well, HAPPY NEW YR everyone!! Hope this yr will be good.

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