Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I'm thankful I can watch Coldplay LIVE for free!

Before I say anything, I must thank Anthony for giving me free tix to Coldplay concert held yesterday. Yep, u read it right. I went to the concert yesterday =D

Used to like Coldplay lots last time, then singers/bands come and go. New favourites replace the old ones. Over the months, my liking for Coldplay has waned. Then on Saturday, I noticed some tix on Andy (hehe, I got good eyes) and that was how i got it. I thought, "Well, free tix, man. Very kiasu mah. If free, then must take." Haha... But really, I used to like them a lot. So i thought why not.

The concert started 1 hr late. Damn, I was kinda sleepy already. Not to mention starving. Gazel said there was some foodcourt near d stadium so we could eat our dinner there. Turned out, there's only 1 pathetically small 7-11. I was pretty pissed. Then at 8.45pm, the lights were dimmed. Ppl started screaming and clapping. (btw, i realised the effect of light on ppl. Just dim it, and ppl would get very excited. Play some cool lights, ppl go hysterical. There's power in the light!)

But, not until 9pm that the band came out. Pretty cool entrance. There was countdown in the background, and they started singing Twisted Logic (i think. can't remember). Of course they sang all my favourites - clocks, speed of sound, yellow and fix you. They're an awesome band. How can I tell? My bro always said that you can tell if a band is good when they perform live. Chris Martin's voice is ever so fantastic, the band was zero cool. No lip-synching. They sounded better live. Unlike some bands/singer, like Hoobastank or Ashlee who sound dreadful live. Moreover, the play with the lighting was superb. Totally set the atmosphere.

Unfortunately, the crowd sux. So many of them are like balding old man or those older working ppl. Totally not onz. Just stood or sit there, looking uninterested. I'm quite sure they all got free tix or maybe cuz it was Monday. I felt sorry for the band. I could see they put lotsa effort in makin d concert a success. Only towards the end that the crowds went wild.

Oh u noe what? I almost touched Chris Martin! Only a few inches away. Man, I didn't realise that he was coming down d stage. Sigh. That was one chance in a lifetime wasted. My bro was luckier. He get to go really near d stage. My seat was pretty good. But he was like right in front, tho he had to pay for it. Heh...

So yea, that's what I'm thankful for this week =D=D

Here's some pics. I'll upload the rest on my Flickr. I'm gonna upload the concert vid tmr. Uploading on youtube takes forever :s

The Beginning

Coldplay ROX!

This pic looks like it's part of Motorola Advertising campaign, isn't it? Haha... Maybe I can sell this to the company ;)

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