Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Just read the article that Mr Brown wrote in TODAY: "S'poreans are fed, up with progress!" a couple of days ago after the hoo-ha.I've always enjoyed reading his column. Witty and funny. But have missed the last few, cuz too busy. Sigh... what to do. In s'pore muz work hard. or else, cannot make it lah.

I agree with what he said. and boy, i'm not alone. if u see the comments he got concerning the article, i must say he's quite a star. Lolx.

As he's pointed out (albeit sarcastically) life is definitely getting tougher, especially for non-citizens (huh, and they still complain tt govt is treating them as second-class citizens??) Though we're already PRs, we don't get as much benefits and we definitely didn't get the Progress Package thing. Yet, we have to contribute as much tax and we're expected to work harder, or risk losing our jobs (thank goodness, I'm not joining the workforce as perm anytime soon) Moreoever, I'm gonna have to work here for 3 years after graduating. Sigh...If only I had enough money I'd have flown straight to OZ at this very moment. Singapore so boring! (oops...)

Now, my mom is also complaining abt the price hike. "Girl ah, off the light when ur not using it. Electricity price rise some more. Oh, don't shower too long also.Don't waste water. Aiyo, didn't I said not to turn off when not in use. Why is the TV on when no one's watching? Aiyo! Don't waste money." Thank God, the weather has been somewhat forgiving. Not as warm as last year. So no need to use the air-con everyday. (Save my skin from drying up, too :o) But my mom's complaining cuz now she has to use the dryer or the clothes won't dry.

And seriously, are we all ready for this iN2015? I noe we've become really tech-savvy. Just read yesterday about schools going really high-tech. (what! no more textbooks? Poor eyes. They've regard u less n less now. And do those schools realise the problems that would inevitably arise from being too high-tech?) Ok, maybe I'm biased, skeptical whatever. Sometimes I find technology too much of a bummer. Besides, it's been proven time and again that technology isn't all that marvelous. But I'm not gonna start an argumentative essay to defend my opinion. Done that for GP. Now's time for ranting. Hehe...

But most importantly, I hate the govt for creating such a horrible terrijible vegetable education system. But I'm not gonna write on tt. It'll take me ages to finish ranting abt it. Let's juz say that the system has almost turned me into an IMH citizen.

Still, I don't want to be ungrateful. Coming from indo, I must say that there are better things here. like I can go home late alone on public transpot, without much worry. but in jakarta, i don't even dare take taxi at daytime. and it's relatively clean here. and there are no extremely poor people in sight (you would really feel lyk closing ur eyes all the time on the road in jkt cuz there are juz sooo many really poor ppl begging for their lives). Oh, and as I've said in my past blog, I'm really grateful for the libraries here.

So there, I've managed writing a blog without dissing the "gahmen" (not tt I care abt those "white" people. I'm juz keeping my resolution, ie. to "give thanks in all circumstances"). Lolx... I'm in ok mood. Not in i'll-complain-as-much-as-i-want-and-there's-nothing-u-can-do-abt-it mood.

One last advice tho, for the "gahmen" and everyone else. The more you try to cover up sth or blatantly opposing it, especially if that sth is controversial (think the Da Vinci Code), you'll only cause more people to support it. Doesn't take an Einstein to know that, dude.

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