Friday, July 21, 2006

7 Foods to NEVER Eat!

7 foods to NEVER eat.

Oh boy, the moment I saw the title of this article, I know I'll be guilty and I know... I won't heed the 'NEVER' advice. (I can almost picture Yilin nodding her head in agreement) Still, i'll try to avoid and control the desire of this weak flesh of mine. So here's the list (go read the article for the 'horrifying' truth unfolding right before your eyes):

  1. Doughnuts
  2. Cheeseburger with Fries
  3. Fried Chicken and Chicken Nuggets
  4. Oscar Mayer Lunchables
  5. Sugary Cereal
  6. Processed Meats
  7. Canned Soup

I must say most of these foods are really my comfort food, or used to at least. And some of them even have special place in my heart. Serious....

Doughnuts - sure brings back good ol' memories. Used to go to this small household bakery that's like right in front of my small but homey n fun primary school. Just a few steps away. The bakery owner was such a nice lady. I'd play at her house and eat her donuts almost everyday with my friends. My fav - the sugar-coated one. I could remember licking the snowy sugar and then eat the fluffy, warm, fresh-from-the-oven donuts. Yumm.... She'd give me free donuts once in a while. It's been quite some time since I had one.

Cheeseburger with fries - Man, must they specifically mention cheeseburgers? They're one of my fav childhood food. Who wouldn't love this age-old favourite? I had celebrated so many of my birthdays in McD's. And during O levels period, McD's was like my second home and the "crispy on the outside, soft in the inside" french fries had satisfied my snacks cravings.

Fried chicken and chicken nuggets - I don't eat as much fried chicken as I used to, and I definitely don't eat the skin anymore (but I missed it. It's so delicious and crispy. Sigh....). But my fridge is never out of chicken nuggets. It's tasty, filling and convenient. Double sighs....

Sugary cereals - Honey star, Koko Krunch, Froot Loops, Chocolate-coated Corn Flakes are what I used eat. I've since changed to healthier choice, ie Muesli mix and other Multi-grain + fruit bits cereals. I like them. But I must admit that it's more tiring to chew them. And not so fun to eat. Not crunchy (that's why sometimes I mix them with the 'sugary cereals'). My mom often jokes that my breakfast look like my hamster's food. Oh well, they do have a couple of similar ingredients.

Processed meats - Oh man. I think the author hates me. She lists down all my fav food. Ha! Sausages (again, tasty n convenient. Oooh I love the cheese sausage. So yummy!), bacon and ham (chicken or turkey version of course). Oh btw, she didn't mention chicken bakwa (chinese barbequed meat), did she? Haha... I can still eat them *trying to ignore the fact tt it's under processed meat category*

Humph... I hate the author! No, just kidding. She's right. Blame my parents for letting me grow up eating such unhealthy, but oh-so-delightful food. They let me buy sugar donuts, they showered me with sweets n chocs (u shud see my teeth last time. one word: Yuck!). They brought me to McD's to celebrate my birthdays. And till now, they still stock up on nuggets, and other processed meats. Goodness, just a couple of days ago, we even had fried chicken nuggets and french fries for breakfst (I didn't like it tho. Too greasy.)

However, I'm trying to live more healthily. I eat more wholemeal products. More greens. More fruits. Less sugar, less salt, less oil. Sheesh, I sound like the Health Promotion Board campaign poster. I don't mind tho. I quite like healthy food. In fact, I hate it if my food is too salty or too greasy. Once in a while I'd give in to temptation, I admit. But as long as I eat in moderation, I should get by just fine :)

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