Monday, July 31, 2006

A Good Time, We Had

After a long time planning, we finally had our BRATz outing last Saturday. Tho we ended up in Mt Faber instead of Sentosa, we still had a really fun time - makin ppl do stuff (for us :P), running, racing, memorizing bible verses, solving puzzles, getting rides from strangers and eating peanuts while enjoying the breeze and the view (tho not so panaromic). Even the skeptics had fun, too =D

Some of us were worried tho, at first. Before we set off, we could see the ominous dark clouds in the distance, threatening to ruin our long-overdue outing. True enough, a while later it started to drizzle. So we prayed that God would give us good weather so we could have a good time. Praised God. When we arrived, the rain stopped completely. Instead of rain, He gave us a cloudy sky so we won't get scorched. Breeze was continuous. That wasn't the first time that God stopped the rain for us. When we were in Sarawak, He did the same thing. What happened was, we had our laundry being dried when we felt drizzle. We were still at the worksite, which is about 5 mins walk from the house. We all got kanchiong to save our clothes from the rain.

But Karen just walk and said calmly, "Don't worry. I prayed already."

Still, that didn't stop us from rushing. Amazingly, there was only occasional drops of rain when we were getting our clothes but when Sheena (the last person) got into the house with all her clothes, it started pouring heavily. It seemed that God had put a huge basin to temporarily hold the water, long enough for us, and when we were done, He just poured everything down. It happened again yesterday morning. When I stepped out of the MRT station, it was raining so heavily. I was worried cuz I didn't bring my brollie and I was already late for work. But within 3 mins, the downpour receded to a drizzle. I didn't even pray for the rain to stop. He knew. God is good.....

Here are the pics that we took. Oh i did mentioned one of the things some of us did was to get rides from strangers, didn't I? Yep, the ever-so-onz Auntie Agnes did hitch-hike during the race. Twice. One was a Benz and the other was a truck, so I was told. Her excuse - she was too old to be running ard.... LOLx.... The other teams complained that she was cheating. But she said that she wasn't cheating, she was juz being smart. And there was no rule against it. Gotta agree with her =D

For more, go to my Flickr. (Not all are up tho. Will complete tmr)

Can u guess the winner?

*Hint: it's the team with the oldest and the youngest person

Go Ninja GO!!

We enjoy the ride up....

While they had to walk UP. Haha!

The aftermath

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