Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Put Up Ur Flag, Ppl.

As I was walking home, I happened to look up and noticed a flag hanging down my sis' room. I checked if I was looking at the correct floor. Yep. That was my sis' room that I was looking at.

So I asked mom if she had hung a flag from our flat, and she confirmed it. I guess mom's feeling patriotic. Or should I say un-patriotic. U see, we're Indonesians, and the flag that she'd hung is a Singapore flag. When I asked her why she'd hung that flag, she just said, "Oh well, the Government give us free flag to display, then must display lah. Besides, it's so sad to see so few people hang them. These ppl ar. Give free already, still dun want to display."

Singapore's national day is this Wednesday, but still I see only a handful of people hang their flags. Quite sad really. Back home, Independence Day (which is equivalent to National Day, of course) is really a celebration. People look forward to it. Every household put up their flags with pride. Lots of activites are held in the neighbourhood where young and old can have a good time while commemorating the words-can't-describe hardwork that our patriots had done to achieve the freedom that we now enjoy. There's no need for fancy fireworks display to get everyone excited. Man, I miss those typical "17-agustus" games. Cracker eating competition, panjat pinang (where ppl climb a palm tree to get the gifts on top), races, etc. It's been a long time...

Well, I guess the fact that we're now PR and that we've called Singapore home for over 7 years made my mom feel that we should be more patriotic towards S'pore. *shrugs* Neways from far, S'pore flag looks like Indo's flag. It doesn't really matter.

Oh btw, does anyone realise that the National Day Parade (NDP) TV advert is using the same music as the movie "V for Vendetta"? (called overture sth, if i'm not wrong) It's during the scene where V was bombing the whole town and the music was playing in the background.

In the movie, V bombed the town to show his resentment towards the govt. And the bombings look like fireworks. Now, they are using it as a background music for the NDP's advert where they show the extravagant fireworks display. Can you see the irony?

Hmmm, I'm really not sure if the govt is aware of tt. Haha...Whatever.

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