Thursday, August 10, 2006

A Lovely Night

The five of us met up last nite to watch d fireworks during the NDP. It's our tradition, which started in JC, that we go watch the fireworks every year. This year is our third year of living the tradition. It didn't matter that we could only watch the Air Force show and the fireworks display. What mattered most was our companionship and catching up with each other lives. Too bad Isk was missing this year. The stupid army required him to help out with the NDP. But he get to watch everything that was going inside the stadium. That lucky *toot*.

To be honest, the fireworks display was a bit dissapointing. The newspaper made a such a hoo-ha abt this year's NDP. Apparently, since this year is the last time that NDP was to be staged in the National Stadium, the show was promised to be sth that should not be missed. Naturally, I expected a bigger and better fireworks display. Alas, a bigger and better fireworks display we were denied. We agreed that last year's was better. More colorful and more interesting. It's got different shapes - hearts, stars, even smiley faces (altho vicky complained tt d faces were all crooked. Hehe....)

HoweverI shouldn't complain. It was quite a stunning show, still. My all-time faves are the gold-dust and gold-rain ones. Especially during the gold-rain fireworks; it really felt as if the stars were falling on us. The sky over the stadium was lit up. Our 1.5 hrs wait for that 5 mins worth of amazement was paid off....well, sorta. I had wanted to take a pic à la "Meteor Garden". Too bad the idea came too late. Heez...

Neways, after the fireworks watching, we went to Bugis to do some girl talk and shopping. Before we headed home, we made the same promise as the one we had made a year ago. See you at next year's NDP, guys!

Oh btw, had wanted to post pics, but no thanks to my irksome sis, I managed to take only 1 nice fireworks pic and some other random pics before the battery went dead. Grrr.... So gotta wait till Yilin send me d pics. Oh, I managed to get this nice pic of the sky before it went dark. And the moon was particularly big that nite, tho can't really see fr d pic.

Lovely Fireworks

The gold-dust. One of my faves :)

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