Sunday, August 13, 2006

Gonna go camping tmr. Heh, not really excited abt it, especially after all the bad report ppl have been giving. Moreover, it's only 1 wk left before school starts. I can back out now as it's not compulsory for me, and i've already completed my CIP requirement (which is d only perk they offer) And spend the 3 days instead, bumming ard at home, or do some more shopping. But i choose to go still. I must be crazy.

I'm going in the hope i can have some fun, peace and joy. That's all. Oh, or maybe see a cute guy or two. Hehe...

One thing i really hope they'd provide us with is GOOD FOOD! yea. i can't emphasise tt more. The last camp had such miserably-cheapskate-with-no-nutritional-value food that I, a non-picky eater, had lost my appetite at the sight of it. And to think we paid big money for it. Since this time we've signed up as helpers, not a deserving-to-be tortured freshies, hopefully they'll be more generous with us.

Saa, gotta do my last minute packing now. Oyasumi..

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