Sunday, August 20, 2006

There She Goes....

My sis, that is. She left this afternoon. To Thailand for her further studies. Surprisingly i didn't really feel anything. I wasn't happy, neither was i sad; ppl kept saying that i would be shouting for joy. I guess it's no secret that she and I are like er... cat and dog, or oil and fire, whatever. Haha...One thing I'm missing is bossing ordering her ard getting her assistance. So I'm left with my dad at home as my mom n bro are accompanying her. Normally when my mom's not ard, she'd be d one who help me with the chores (tho she'd be doing it reluctantly). Now i haf to do them all by myself. And if u noe me well, u'd noe that my dad n I aren't exactly best friends. Let's just say he's not exactly the easiest person to live with. So now i'm left alone with him.....sigh.... Oh yea, and now there are less clothes to wear.

Another thing i'm sighing abt is that tmr the new semester starts. What a bummer! Actually a wk ago i felt like I was so ready for school. After having 3.5 mths hols, thot i'd be ready to get hectic again. But now, I wish I have a little bit more hols. a wk more maybe. I mean, now it's just me n my dad home. Once he's gone for work, I'd have the whole house to myself. I can sleep, eat, watch tv, surf d net, get lazy all I want. LOLx. Shucks. I'm not so lucky. Sighhhh......

But maybe it's time i get busy. Dang, during d hols I've become fatter. Yucks. And this aft when the others n I went for d annual SYAS' (my almamater) Jumble Sale, we went to do this brief check up. Just to check our BMI, body fat n stuff. And yea, according to them *surprise susprise* I need to lose some body fat. But d funny thing is, I can still gain body weight. Ha! Whatever.

Oh well, guess i should start tidying up my room a bit. Get things in place. Get ready psyched up for school. Must. Start. With. A. Positive. Mind. *rolls eyes*

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