Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I Found Another Me!

Or rather, she found me.

I was just browsing my Friendster account when I checked out my "who's viewed me" box; one of the names was Caressa. I thought it was my own account. But strange, i thought, the FS can't possibly have recorded my own account under "who's viewed me", can it? Besides, the display pic was also unfamiliar. Then I realised that it belongs to a girl called Caressa. Oh, and she's not far away. She's in S'pore. Lolx....

Some of u might think that finding another person with the same name as yourself is no big deal, especially if u are a John, an Andrew, a Michelle or a Jane. But for me, it was quite a surprise. In my 20 yrs of living, the only time i came across my own name was in a supermarket. It was d brand of some toilet rolls. So I re-checked the pics. Yep, the girl lookin back at me wasn't myself.

I remember when I was very much younger, I was quite pissed at my parents. Pissed at them for giving me a name that nobody has. Thought that my name was quite strange. Didn't sound nice either. I thought Jade or Charlotte sounded nicer. But as I got older, I grew to like my name. It's unique and not pasaran (common). One-of-a-kind.

Well, I guess the name is no longer one-of-a-kind. But still unique, i feel.

"Hi, my name's Caressa"
"Oh hello there, Caressa"

Haha... it'll be pretty amusing to meet in person with someone with the same name as mine.

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