Saturday, August 26, 2006

Today was quite a fun Sabbath, compared to other Sabbaths. We had a "worship in music". In the afternoon, different choir gps got to present their songs and then got commented by Doctor Dennison. Our youth grp was the least prepared one. And even after listening to the Dunman kids choir gp, we knew we were screwed. Haha...

Ok lah, in the end we didn't screw up. And it was actually really funny (tho kinda embarrasing) getting 'corrected' in front of the whole conggregation. And it was more fun to see him fix other gps - shuffle people here and there, make them do stuff (like putting fingers on their mouth to make them open up their mouths) etc. But that Dennison man has seriously earned his doctorate in music. He can improve all d gps' singing in like wat, 10 mins? If only we had him longer, bet we all can sing like angels. I'm not exaggerating. If he can make Shannon sing (as in really sing to the tune), then yea... U get what I mean. Lolx... Btw, Shan u CAN sing. So don't quit ok! ;)

Oh, and to BRATz who aren't in the choir yet - join us!!

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