Monday, February 12, 2007

Been blog browsing nowadays. Not very keen to write on my own. Nth really interesting. Sometimes it's more interesting to read other ppl's blog (which i dun do very often) cuz i can catch up on what i missed, be amused or juz recently clear my misconception.

Yep, i stumbled, well not really stumbled, I saw some1 reading this person's, named breezy, blog. Yep, i noe breezy personally but not tt close. And it was during AIS class, which is super duper boring beyond words. So I decided to check it out. Well, let's just say that blog prove to me, yet again, that i shudn't judge a book by its cover. All along I thought breezy's life is wonderfully perfect. Breezy's popular, haf a high-profile, rich, smart, haf nice bod, haf lotsa friends and breezy's life's definitely more exciting than mine.

But breezy's not happy, so I read. Breezy thinks life sucks, that God may haf been 'sleeping' and that no matter how put hard work is put, it's hardly enuf. I dunno. But I feel that breezy's just trying too hard or never satisfied.

Sadly tho, i think i know the feeling. Like you've done all you can, but due to some circumstances, the result is still not as you expected. That's why I learned to lower down my expectations - not that I've high expectation of anything, including myself, in the first place. One thing I'm still find it hard to do is to "let go". I'm the kind of person who would think over a matter over and over and over again even tho it's already over and there's nth more I can do.

Oh well, this is just a random entry. It's just that reading others' blogs can open up my eyes about certain things.

Neways, saw this in teddy's blog and I find it pretty amusing. So I shall just pass it on.

i know you only want me for my body... -by Prawn

why do you always distance youreself away from me?-by Lizard

not everyone without pants is a sicko.-by Winnie the Pooh

not everything that is green is healthy-by Phlegm

why do you always disown me in front of other people??-by Fart

oh stop it! stop making me into a circle!!-by Booger

not all types of blood are suitable to be donated.-by Menstruation

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