Thursday, February 15, 2007

Good Luck CNY Panties

For those who noe me well, you'd know that I'm not exactly the luckiest person on earth. I keep losing my stuff, money (if added together, i can buy a brand new nikon D80 or 2 of Canon Rebel TXi. seriously, i lost US$2,000 once), i'm accident-prone, keep missing my bus/train, etc etc...

So when I reached home today, my mom told me, "I bought you a new red panties, cuz it's chinese new year. Besides, it'll bring you good luck."

I dunno what makes her think that red panties bring good luck. I guess she got the idea from this chinese drama where one of the characters wears red underwear for a job interview cuz according to him, it'll bring him good luck.

Neways, thot it's juz a plain red panties (btw she bought me lyk a redish-maroon panties for good luck also. but i've never worn them). But no.... it's a very CNY-ish bright red panties WITH a golden pig picture in front. Lol.... my mom.... *shakes head*

Oh btw this panties not cheap ok - it costs $6.90. To me, it's quite expensive for a very obiang panties...(btw, i dunno how to explain obiang in english. any1?)

For those curious cats out there, here's a snapshot of it:

PS: Don't come n ask me if i'm wearing this ok, cuz i won't. Unless I really really desperately need good luck .

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