Tuesday, July 24, 2007


It's not really her bday yet, but since we already celebrated it yesterday, i should juz post it up. and it's not really mashimaro, as u might've guessed. It's the pet name for our darling statz farm family member, Viny!

She's gonna be 20 this coming July 29. sigh... so young. haha... Neways, she treated us to New York New York at Citylink mall yesterday. Heard the resto got some bad critics - the food not nice, overpriced, slow service blah blah blah... but of course, I didn't tell her that. She's so nice to treat us already.

Actually i really like the open concept theme and the brightly colored place. Moreover we got to sit on the 'cave', which is like a tiny room but no door. It was comfortable yet hip. A great place to hang out. The menu, though, is just like any other western resto, like Cafe Cartel or Billy Bombers.

So we ordered 4 main courses and an appetizer for the 5 of us cuz the we saw that the serving is quite big. We could always order more if not enough. We were toying with the idea of ordering the 8-inch burger, which supposedly could order 4 people. But i think it's a good thing we didn't cuz we saw someone else's and it was huge, but looked 'dry' and the bread looked thick. Atkins dieter could die of carb overload. haha...

Erm i forgot to take note of the names and the prices, but if I remember correctly they are as stated.

Juicy Beef Burger - $??

BBQ Ribs - $14.90

Bratwurst wrapped in Bacon and Cheese - $10.90

Pasta in Carbonara Sauce with Half Spring Chicken -$??

Fiery Cheese Balls - $5.90

Despite the initial skepticism, overall the food and service was good. Food bit slow to come, but guess cuz the place was packed. So sad I couldn't eat the BBQ ribs. I was about to dig in when they told me it was pork :( It sure looked appetising. Btw, it kinda look like a thick ba kwa (bbqed minced pork), doesn't it? They told me it tasted really good. The meat was tender and it wasn't too sweet. I had to really summon my power of determination to resist to sweet temptation (pun intended). The burger was quite nice. I liked the beef patty which was thick, juicy and tender. The bratwurst was alright. The bacon and chesse looked real good and crispy, but too bad I couldn't eat them either. They all came with either potato wedges and chips. Both were hot and crispy, but the chips were too salty.

The pasta on the other hand was really delish. I dig the sauce carbonara sauce. The chicken wasn't too sweet and was really good. Siska, despite telling us repeatedly that she was sick of pasta in cream sauce when we were ordering, enjoyed it as much as the rest of us did. The cheese balls was quite a disappointment. They were too oily and didn't have much flavor except for the slight spicyness. I couldn't even taste the cheese. So even though i'm a cheese and potato lover, they still didn't go down smoothly.

Tee hee...

Bday girl with Niu Niu

We were tellin her that the teddy should be named. We were just jokin when we said since we just ate at NYNY we should name it nyny, but in the end our newest family member is really called Niu Niu ('niu' means cow in mandarin :P)

Our happy Statz Farm Family

The cake was actually brownies, topped with chocolate frosting and decorated with white choc chips. I was askin the bday girl if she liked cupcakes or brownies better. Of course she answered brownies. I thought of doing cupcakes cuz there would be more room for pretty decorations. But so glad she really liked the brownies =D

And trust Theo to come up with the "FREN101" Course Outline for the bday girl. He really has the most 'jayuz' (indo slang for lame) idea.

Told ya choc is such a great happy-mood maker. See how euphoric they are? Who needs alcohol?

Playing scrabble with the brownie pieces. LOL..

It was a fab night with good food and great company. Thanks for the treat, mashimaro. And Happy B'day! *chuuuuu*

Gasp! 1.30 am alr?? I got work tmr. dang! Guess i'll upload the rest of the pics tmr...

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