Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Yong Tau Foo

Had a really nice lunch today... Went with Viny, Val and other PWC interns to eat at this yong tau foo shop. It's one of the shophouses located at the small street opposite the PWC building. I think it's Amoy St. I forgot to look at the shop name but shouldn't have a problem finding it cuz it's got big banner saying, "Yong Tau Foo with Special Sauce".

It's real nice cuz it's different from the normal kind which u can get from any food court. The yong tau foo here are all fried and then drenched with brown sauce. The noodle is the thick white rice noodle (usu for Laksa) and also drenched in the same brown sauce (i think). The sauce is really tasty. Also, considering I don't like oily food, even though all are fried, I don't find it very oily.

U get 6 items + noodles for $4 or 8 items for $5. Although it's slightly more expensive than normal, the pieces are quite big I was really stuffed. I couldn't even finish the noodle.

Val said she knows lots of good eating places. And she said she's going to bring us to this nice japanese resto. Can't wait :)

Edit: I found a place nearer to my office that sells similar thing. It's at the basement of the Chevron House at Raffles Place. It's a mini foodcourt called Select. Lots ppl go there to eat the yong tau foo. It's nice too, but I prefer the one at Amoy St.

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sheena said...

i swear im going stop reading your blog.

STOP POSTING PICTURES OF NICE FOOD! it's tempting! anw it's KENAN AND KEL (referring to a few posts down) and i wanna eat the marks and spencer choc cereal also, your jamie oliver brownies and nice yongtaufoo. siglap also got one with nice brown sauce.

ahh, okay im going to the kitchen to get food now.