Monday, September 10, 2007


...seems to fly even faster this term.

It's suddenly week 4 already. I was lyk, "oh crap, week 4 already?!?" this morning.

Somehow, I still dun have the drive yet. I noe I told lyk every single soul I noe that I'm gonna be a good nerdy girl who wud study and study and study and get a GPA of 4.3 (what u laughing at, eh? I noe its toughimpossible, but I still hv the right to daydream okay!)

I seriously dunno where all my time go to. It's creepy, man. Ok, i did study a bit. Gonna study somemore. Oh and i resumed my gym session today! *yay!* First, cuz my energy level's really bad nowadays and cuz Andy kept askin if i've used the new shoes (which i got erm.... couple of wks ago :P) yet.

Oh and I still haven't upload the food pics I've been meaning to, cuz i was..... busy. yes busy....Okay i finally finished my j-drama (kurosagi and nobuta were great! and yamapi is sweeeeet. Damn Kit for 'intro-ing' him to me :P) and promised not to watch anymore till hols.

I shall upload some photos now ya, so I can delete them. They're seriously cloggin my disk space.

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