Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Where's my mooncake festival?

This sucks. I can hear firecrackers swishing downstairs and kids laughing and chattering with glee downstairs. I can see them running ard with lanters. Or squating in groups trying to light up the little candles and make them into shapes like stars and all. I'm on 7th floor and I can even smell the firecrackers and burning candles. Sigh..... I wish i could join the fun.

But nooooo, I'm stuck here in my room, reading up stupid MS cuz i've no idea how to do the hw and fussing up abt my project and cca and my ever increasing readings all at the same time.

And what's more, I thought tho I can't go downstairs and enjoy the beautiful full moon, I could at least eat my mooncake while doing my work. But noooooo, I forgot that mom put it in the freezer and we don't have a friggin microwave cuz my parents think microwaves are baaaaadddd and so it takes some time for it to thaw. Gah! Crabby patty!

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