Saturday, September 22, 2007

Mission Trip Here I Comeeeeeee!

After praying hard every night, sometimes on bended knees, my dad finally let me go to mission trip instead of to his ulu (aka in the middle of nowhere) hometown, which I am very very glad to pass. YAY!! Don't get me wrong, I don't go to mission trip cuz i wanna escape from the other horrible trip, but cuz i DO miss going to mission trip and thus i really do wanna go.

Remember the first mission trip the BRATz had on Dec '05? Click here, if u missed reading abt it. U must scroll down a bit tho.

We totally had a blast! Tho we were stripped off of our usual privileges (computer, internet, bed, clean bathroom etc), we learned alot of things. I came back a different person. Lol, ok lah not so dramatic. But really, a part of me changed, for the better, of course. That is why, this year I wanna join the BRATz in our 2nd mission trip. Cuz i noe i'll be able to help the less privileged ppl, learn new things, meet new ppl yadda yadda, but most impt, witness to non-believers (just like our lesson this morning).

We had lyk 13 ppl fr the previous one, while for this one , we have 17 ppl confirmed going. Praise God! We even have an earliteen coming with us. Isn't it great? I'm really looking forward to this trip.

Btw, ehm.... we need funds obviously. We need at least $10,000. That's solely for the project. Personal expenses (air tix, accomod, etc) come fr our own pocket. So far we've managed to raise ard $5,000+ (a gazillion thx to those generous donors) fr our fundraising day and t-shirt selling. We're still selling t-shirt (details later). The designs are christian-themed and very2 nice. U can help us reach our target by buying the t-shirts or make donation.

So if u wanna help (bless ur heart if u do), don't hesitate to contact me! I'm sure God will bless u abundantly :):):)

So neways, here's the details of our mission trip:

Group of youth from the Balestier Seventh-day Adventist Church, will be embarking on Project Aurora in December 2007. We will be headed to Bee Yaw Ta village, a mountain-top village in Chiang Mai, Thailand (it's abt 8 hrs drive fr Chiang Mai, and we need to hike up a little to reach the place)

During this mission trip, we will be running programmes at the public school situated there. Our programmes include English Language lessons, Art & Craft lessons, Health Education, etc. Also, we would also be repairing two classrooms there which have been damaged by termites.

Late afternoons would be dedicated to Vacation Bible School for students of the school and children in the village. We will also be holding nightly evangelistic meetings for the villagers, preached by our own youth (I'll be preaching too (; )

We need funds for the construction materials (timber, nails, paint), the materials to run our programmes and vacation bible school and also for the villagers’ daily necessities. We hope to be able to purchase 100 thick blankets to bring over as it gets very cold in the winter season.

Your help will deeply felt by the people of Northern Thailand. Thank you.

For more details:
Do not hesitate to contact me for the Information Booklet (hard and soft copy available)

Or simply email us at to request for it!

Cheques can be made payable to Balestier Road Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Even if u can't help us financially, ur prayers will be very much appreciated :)

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sheena said...

EHHHHHHH I SENT YOU OUTDATED ONE. no more project pharos its hee hee hee.

YAY praise God im so happy you're going im quite excited now, tee hee.