Sunday, September 16, 2007

Cheezey cakes

Almost forgot I've these pics. All taken when I went out with my favourite gossiping-bitching-ranting about life, sch and the likes-mugging partner. Ok, I'm not sure about the mugging part. We did often stay back in lib to "mug", but usually we ended up doing the other 3 mentioned or some other random stuff.

So sad we don't have any common class this term. It's really fun (altho not exactly work-efficient) doing the same mod as her cuz we're so alike in many things and we're both such 'laggards' (if u don't noe the meaning of the word, google it or take TWC class :P). So it's nice to know u're not alone in a class full of those competitive smart-asses highly motivated people. Crap, we could have been in the same AMA class if not for that stoopid BOSS system.

Neways about the pics - both the tiramisu and cheesecake are from Bakerzin. I totally love Bakerzin, man, ever since my first trip there like er....5, 6 years ago. That time went with my churchmates cuz Gail was working there, so we got staff discount. I still remember how good the warm chocolate cake was. Expensive, but superb. We had other cakes also, which were good. But my fav till now is the molten choc cake.

The tiramisu and cheesecake were really good, as expected. Both were smooth and velvety. Cheesecake wasn't too sour, like some lousy ones, and the strawberry jelly on top balanced the taste well so that the u won't feel jelat (malay for feeling sick if eaten too much, i think) after only a few bite. Tiramisu had a nice amount of alcohol in it, altho a bit more wudn't hurt ;) and the coffee taste was just nice, not too overpowering.

But the nicest tiramisu I've tasted was the one i got during FT dining at NUS Guild house or sth (forgot the place's name) resto located above Carrefour, Suntec. It was damn good! Prof said they used half bottle of the alcohol for our batch. One bite and my throat felt warm already. Heard one girl from the previous class got a bit dizzy. haha...Don't get me wrong tho. I don't like to drink alcohol. I think all kinds of alcohol taste disgusting, even the sweetest and mildest wine. But I love to eat alcohol! In tiramisu, fish & chips, pasta, roasted fish/chicken/beef, ice cream, cakes, etc. And i like the smell also :P

The cake on the pic was carrot cake with cream cheese frosting from NYDC. I really like the chunky cake. U can really see the carrot bits and it got lots of walnut pieces. Nice... They put too much cream cheese tho. But u can always scrape it aside.

Btw it wasn't intentional but don't u think Dawn really looked like a rabbit eager to eat carrot? haha...

Oh n i just realised all 3 cakes have cheese cream on them. Goes to show I love cheeeeseeee :)

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