Thursday, October 11, 2007

Awfully Chocolate, Awfully Good!!

Okay, so I have like so many unposted pictures of stuff that I made that I dunno where to begin. In the end, I decided to blog about sth that I had today. Didn't make it but I totally totally love.

I'm sure u can guess what I'm gonna talk abt from the title. ha... It's none other than my fav food - C.H.O.C.O.L.A.T.E!!

Neways, we started by having dinner at Astons at opposite Katong Mall (119 East Coast Road). Theo's been mentioning that place several times cuz it's sposed to sell good and cheap steak. Never heard of that place before. But well, several people said it was good and really value-for-money and apparently it's quite a popular place. So I said, okay I'll go. There were sposed to be like 15 people, but in the end, the evilness of schoolwork+deadlines+balmy weather reduced the number to only 8.

The place has quite a nice ambience and there is a nice selection of food. And yes, they are relatively cheap. For chicken, there is chargill, black pepper, cripsy fried, hickory bbq, teriyaki, lemon lime, double up, chicken & sausage comb, mostly at $5.90 (incl GST). For fish, there are the normal fare, like fried fish, grilled fish etc mostly at $6.50. For steaks there are prime sirloin, black pepper steak, prime ribeye, prime tenderloin, and pork chops, ribs, lamp loin chops at $11-$15. Every main course comes with 2 side dishes like coleslaw, mashed potato, baked potato, onion rings, salad, etc. There is the 'celebrities beef' which was Wagyu. It was $38.90, I think. Cheap for wagyu, but definitely not in our tight student budget :P

Well, I'm not a big fan of steak and we seldom have beef at home (usually only in soups or stews) I prefer processed ones, like sausage, corned beef, burger, meatballs and the likes. So I went with Viny's suggestion which was the Chargrilled Chicken with mushroom sauce. The rest had steak (prime sirloin, ribeye, black pepper). Well they all said it was nice. Tried them but I couldn't really appreciate. I thought it was kinda dry and didn't have much flavor. I very much prefer my chicken. It was juicy and the sauce was nice. Not salty at all. The pasta salad was bad. It was too soft and sour.

Chargrilled chicken, pasta salad and baked potato

The 2 latecomers with prime ribeye and can't-remember-what-steak made Erlina and Cyn hungry again

For more info, click here (lazy to type cuz it's already 2.30am!)

After dinner, we crossed the road to Katong Mall for the awfully good dessert - Awfully Chocolate. Been wanting to try their stuff cuz been hearing ppl singing it praises. I so wanted to eat their famous chocolate cake, but the group isn't exactly chocolate lovers, except for Michelle. Since they don't sell in slices and the std cake is sold out, we were only left with the ice cream. We bought a pint plus 2 scoops for 7 of us. Mike didn't eat cuz he 'doesn't like choc'. When I heard that I was like 'Is it even possible for a person not to like choc??' *shakes head in disbelief*

Btw, Karen doesn't eat choc anywmore also. Okay, it's not that she doesn't like it, she just give it up due to some reasons. But for me, whatever reason ppl give me, I am never EVER gonna give up choc, even if they tell me that choc is highly unhealthy, life-threatening and can reduce ppl's lifespan by half. At least I die a happy girl :)

Bact to the topic, the ice cream was bloody good! Even non-sweet-tooth ppl like Theo and Fenny agreed that it was yummilicious. It was so velvety smooth, has intense choc taste and has the right amount of sweetness. It was like eating soft, cold, dark choc. Perfecto! I'd rather have that ice cream instead of the chicken for dinner. ^ ^

We love the awfully good choc ice cream!!

Dig in!

Dang, now I've a craving for its choc cake.

So ppl, hint hint....I wanna have that for my bday cake! (choc cakes from Bakerzin or Choc Factory are welcome too :P)

The aftermath. Wish I could lick the box :P

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