Monday, December 10, 2007

All my bags are packed...

But, I'm not exactly ready to go.

Somehow, I've been feeling uneasy. And 2 nights ago I could sleep cuz I kept having nightmares about the mission trip. Dunno why. Usually this kinda trip always get me really excited. Maybe Reuben's incident kinda have an impact, no matter how slight it was. Makes me kinda paranoid. And the bad weather just sorta worsen the mood.

But anyways, I'm sure God is watching especially since we're doing His work.

I really hope the weather is better there and it's not that cold. You know how much I HATE cold places. Maybe cuz i'm such a warm person, coldness and me aren't exactly best friend :P :P

But in any case, I've taken a nice long warm shower and scrub my entire body in case I decided not to shower there cuz it's too cold. But if u noe me, U'd noe that I can't go to bed w/o taking a shower first.

Heard it's about 5 centigrade there and we hafta take our baths in the river. Hahaha.... Hope my butt won't freeze.

I've so many food pictures to post but guess now no more time. My flight's at 630 AM! gosh!

Wellss, sayonara for now. Will be back on the 24th. On X'mas eve!! well afternoon actually :)

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