Friday, December 07, 2007

My B'day + X'mas Wishlist!

Gosh I've been so busy that I forgot my bday is around the corner. I've never done this before (cuz quite paiseh, u noe) but since I haven't got any income for the whole term and my internship pay has been long depleted, I guess I shall be shameless and write a b'day wishlist. Oh and since it's near x'mas, the list can double up as x'mas list i guess. *hint hint*

They are in order of priority, meaning No. 1 is what I want the most. But then again... I want 'em all! haha.... even if i don't get all, hope I can get a part time job nxt year so I can buy them myself. Tee hee...

So here's my list:

  1. Canon EOS 400D. Optional add-on: 50mm f1.8 lens (if u wanna give me f1.4 also can :P)
  2. Springform pan. Brand doesn't matter as long as they are of good quality. I believe Kaiser is avail in S'pore.
  3. KitchenAid stand mixers in Empire Red
  4. Ramekins
  5. More baking pans!! haha... I only have 7 and 8-inch sq pans and a too-big-a-size loaf pan (need a standard size one). Williams-Sonoma has the most extensive and unique range *twinkling eyes*
  6. Rectangular ceramic baking dish
  7. Cake decorating set
  8. A meet up with Jamie Oliver
  9. A trip to Japan,
  10. Coupled with a meet up with Oguri Shun!

(ok the last three are quite far-fetched, but what the heck.. :P And if u make them come true, I'll LOVE u forever!)

Actually there are lots more but I shan't be greedy ;)

Oh btw, as much as I love reading cookbooks, I think I've enough already. And besides, I prefer getting my recipes online where they've been tried and tested :)

I'll be celebrating my bday in some ulu place, again. The coming one makes it 3 in a row ^^" Dunno if it's good or bad. haha... I do want a nice good quality choc cake for my bday instead of a "kampong" cake. LOL... (altho I really do appreciate them) Maybe I shall buy myself one when I come back :D

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