Thursday, December 06, 2007

Eat, Drink and be Merry

Sometimes i wonder why is it that even tho it's hols now, time still passes by so quickly. I hardly have time to do all things that I wanted to do. LOL but well, at least I'm doing things that i like. Managed to try 4 new recipes, finish all the postponed one piece and naruto shows, go out with friends for food and discovered new baking shops. Not to mention, Fenny and I are planning something exciting! But it's not concrete yet, so I shall keep it under wraps for the moment ;)

So, I've accumulated so many photos but no time to upload and talk about it >.<
Where should I start?

Oh, last Saturday we hang out at Oliv's place for some fun, joy, peace and laughter. At first I didn't really feel like going cuz first, they always started so late (earliest 9pm) and since I had to go home early, thot no point going there. Second, Vee and Ellen couldn't come. Third, they always play drinking game. You know I can't drink. Even if I can, I don't like the taste (unless it's Baileys, or they're used for cooking or baking). But in the end, I'm glad I went. We did have lotsa fun and laughter.
We started with a simple potluck dinner. Check out the proportion of food to drinks. haha... But hey, I didn't drink hor (ok maybe a sip). So don't go running to my dad and say that I've been a naughty girl. Cuz I haven't and I want my x'mas gift.

While everyone is still sober

Played drinking game, which was really fun. Seriously, it's true when ppl say, "People will think you're smarter than you really are if you keep your mouth shut".

This guy is a summa AND acct top student leh. BUT he was the one who kept losing. LOL... that shows gpa doesn't really show ur true intelligence :P

And then people start doing weird things:

Dan demo-ing ase reje dance??

Oliv kept saying 'chicken nene po' (no idea what that means), but Yola heard it as 'chicken lamb chop', and I heard it as 'chicken airport' which got Anz hysterical (mayb cuz he's high already). So mayb that hand movement is part of chicken dance ala Anz *shrugs*

And then there's the joke:
Q: Why did the chicken NOT cross the road?
A: Cuz it'd rather take airplane from the chicken airport.

U have to be there to understand the joke :P


Eat, drink and be merry :)

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